about us









What do we have for a creative orbit?

Images that go around people? Or vice versa?

At running horse lantern, we strive to map out the city’s memories

with creativity and design.


We are a group of home-grown advertising experts in Hong Kong,

with a global perspective and a thorough understanding

of the power and substance of advertising.


We are a boutique creative studio with a view to catering

to every need of brands through cleverly curated advertisement proposals.


We remain relevant to our time without losing ourselves to fleeting fashion.

Our creative thinking and savoir-faire in reading the local market

contribute to the envisioning of some of the most impressive advertisements

the city has ever seen.


Be it a one-off campaign or a year-round engagement;

and no matter if it is targeted or full-scale,

we strive to deliver services and solutions

that will exceed the expectations of our customers.


We are devoted to offering you ingenious advertising solutions!

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